Peter Booth, who first heard of Meher Baba in 1970, moved to the site of Baba’s ashram and home in India in 1978 at the invitation of Baba’s sister, Mani. Peter will share stories of his many years of service at Meherabad and Meherazad in close regular contact with the mandali.

Peter will also speak on the life and poetry of Hafiz, with an emphasis on Baba’s highest praise for his poetry (Baba declared Hafiz a perfect master). A scholar in Persian poetry and traditional Sufism, Peter studied literature at Bard College, Harvard graduate school, and Ferdowsi University, Mashhad Iran. He is co-author of Dante/Hafiz: Readings on the Sigh, the Gaze, and Beauty (KAF Press 2017).

One of Peter's many favorite
Hafiz quotes:

تو گر خواهی که جاویدان جهان یکسر بیارایی صبا را گو که بردارد زمانی برقع از رویت

If you would

like to fill

the world

with beauty,


ask the

morning breeze

to lift

for a moment

the veil

from your face. --Hafiz

Rosewoods Meher Rest, home of Ron Lansing and Miriam Rose, is an urban natural setting located in East Portland. Directions here.

  Ron and Miriam say, “Rosewoods Meher Rest is the name we have given to the property Meher Baba brought into our lives in April 2012, exactly a year after we returned from our three-year stay at the Oklahoma Heartland Center. We are holding this land and our home open for spiritually rooted personal and community activities that Baba might bring here. We formally dedicated the property to Avatar Meher Baba with the support of the Oregon Baba Lover community in April 2013.”

   Rosewoods Meher Rest is a wondrous acre on the edge of southeast Portland and at the foot of Powell Butte Nature Park. The land slopes gently up the hill to the north, a rough gem adjoining the wild cedars and firs, and seasonal stream of the park next door to the east.

   Rosewoods Meher Rest has old fruit trees, walnut trees and big fir and cedar of its own. A wild undergrowth of high grass and blackberries covers the upper half acre. There is room for outdoor group meetings, quiet personal spaces, a fire (dhuni) ring and a camping meadow.

Climate: Usually sunny and warm, could be low 70s to mid 80s. Evenings cool. It can rain at any time in Oregon.

Activities: Music, workshop, morning arti, dhuni, games, and the toddy shop.


Children’s Craft & Play Area: For the young and young-at-heart, toys and craft supplies will be available in the children's play area, but there will be no designated childcare-walla. Parents will be responsible for their children at all times.

Meals: Saturday lunch and dinner will be provided as well as Sunday lunch. If you have special dietary needs, you must bring your special items with you, breakfast on your own. Plates and utensils will be provided. Please bring personal cups/mugs and cloth napkins. (Please sign up for clean-up crew with David Defauw).

On-Site Facilities: We plan to have eight tent sites available for campers overnight Friday and Saturday. Toilets will be on-site and water will be available. The sites are all together on the middle property meadow. Tents will need to be closer together than in past years because of the limited space. There may be trees for hammocks also. Please contact Ron to save a site.

Car Pooling: Please make efforts to car pool where possible. Parking is limited.

Items to Bring         

Warm evening clothes
Cups/mugs for drinks
 Cloth napkins
Pillow/cushion for metal chairs  
Tent/camping gear     
Mosquito Repellent   
Musical instruments    
Special needs items

Don’t Bring         

Pets  •  Illegal Drugs  •  Alcohol  •  Cannabis

“To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance, and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the benefit and guidance of others, by expressing in the world of forms, truth, love, purity and beauty — this is the sole game that has any intrinsic and absolute worth.”
                                                 - Meher Baba


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Directions to Rosewoods Meher Rest
14405 SE Ellis St, Portland, OR 97236
Please make efforts to car pool where possible.
Parking is limited.

Camping spaces are limited;
contact Ron Lansing for availability.
Email: Ron Lansing

 Adults (over 30)......................... $55.00
Young Adults (under 30).............. $40.00
Family with Young Adults & Children....... $110.00
Single Day Saturday.....................$35.00
Children under 12 free.                            

Financial aid up to 50% of the
registration fee can be requested.

Funds are limited and will be offered
first come first serve while available.

Financial aid donations are provided by the
generous support of Sahavas guests.
Please contact Marc Lane


Make Checks Payable to:

5427 Steven CT N
Keizer, OR 97303

Problems registering online?
We'll take your order over the phone.

Marc Lane - 503-383-2218
Email: Marc Lane

Betty Lowman - 503-873-0415
Email: Betty Lowman

Sahavas Program


Check In Registration 5 pm
Potluck Gathering 6-7 pm
Cleanup 7-7:30 pm


Breakfast on your own.

Arti 9 am
Song or poem 9:15 am

Talk by Peter Booth 9:30 - 11:00 am

Breakout Topic Sessions
11:15 a.m. - 12 pm

Lunch 12:30 pm
Lunch Menu TBA

Talk by Peter Booth 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Breakout Topic Sessions
4:00 - 5:00 pm

Dinner 5:30 pm
Dinner Menu TBA

Entertainment Program 7-8 pm

Dhuni 8:15 pm


Breakfast on your own 8 am

Arti 9 am
Song or poem 9:15 am

Talk by Peter Booth 9:30 - 10:30 am

Breakout Topic Sessions
10:45 - 11:45 am

Lunch - 12 pm
Lunch menu TBA

Sahavas clean-up - 1 pm

"Happy Trails"