2018 Winter Women's Retreat
at the Beach

Once again it is time for the women’s winter beach retreat at the home of Marnie Frank in Neskowin, OR. This year it is the weekend of Feburary 9-11. As usual we will gather on Friday evening. No meal will be served that night, but many of us go for dinner to the Pelican Pub in Pacific City (about 12 miles north of Neskowin on Hwy. 101) around 6:00 p.m. You are welcome to come to the house any time after 4:00pm.

We will share breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday at the house. Everyone is asked to participate in the preparation and clean-up of meals and final clean-up of the house.

The food will be purchased ahead and the cost of the weekend is determined by these meal costs which will be shared equally. We make every effort to accommodate special diets. so let us know your dietary needs on the form below.

To facilitate the food purchase and retreat organization, please sign up by Feb 2nd. This will give the Food Committee time to plan, purchase, and prepare the food for the correct number of persons during the weekend. Be sure to indicate if you will be present for Saturday breakfast on the registration form below.

Please complete the form fully including your email address and telephone number. The food committee needs that money for food purchases. If you have any questions, email Marnie or call at (503-887-5924).

Send your $15 registration check by Feb 2nd to:

Marnie Frank
1845 SE Exeter Dr
Portland, OR 97202

It is preferable to receive this deposit as a check rather than through PayPal as we loose 3% with any PayPal payments. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, email or call at 503-887-5924. Can’t wait to see you at the retreat.

In the Beloved’s Love, Marnie

First Name:
Last Name:
I prefer a bed at the house. (The Food Committee has priority)
I am willing to sleep on the floor.
I prefer to stay at a hotel and make my own reservations.
The Proposal Rock Inn (503-392-3115) is the most reasonably priced. Other options are the Neskowin Resort (503-392-3191) or the Pacific Sands (503-392-3101).
For those staying at the house, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow and towel.

I will help with meal planning and food purchase before the retreat:


I will join the group for dinner on Friday night at the Pelican Pub:


I will arrive on Saturday for breakfast:


I will help with the following: (please select two.)

Breakfast Preparation
Brunch Preparation
Breakfast Clean-up
Brunch Clean-up
Lunch Preparation
Lunch Clean-up
Dinner Preparation
Dinner Clean-up

We will do our best to accommodate everyone's dietary needs.
Please describe any restrictions/needs that you have.

Send your $15 registration check by Feb 2nd to:

Marnie Frank
1845 SE Exeter Dr
Portland, OR 97202

This registration information is directly emailed to Marnie Frank.

If you have any questions, email Marnie or call at (503-887-5924).