Three Day

Ward Parks
Introduction to
God Speaks

Aug 30 - Sept 1
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Two Day

Ward Parks
& Karma

Sept 6-7
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Saturday August 30 - Monday September 1, (Labor Day Weekend)
God Speaks Workshop - Portland home of Doug and Marnie Frank
For questions call Marnie Frank (503) 887-5924 or
Jean Wilson (503) 559-4210

Professor Ward Parks will led us in an in-depth study of Avatar Meher Baba's magnum opus. "As an Avataric revelation, no other account of God and Creation, in the mystical literature of the East or West, can rival it. Undoubtedly God Speaks will serve as the major foundation in centuries to come whenever man tries to bring the powers of mind and heart to an understanding of his place in the cosmos and relation to the supreme Reality."
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September 6 and 7th, 10am to 4pm - A Two Day Workshop at Rosewoods Meher Rest in Portland, Oregon
Presentation and Interactive Discussion With Ward Parks, PhD

Ward Parks will again be the guest of the Oregon Avatar Meher Baba Group. He will present a two-day, four-session workshop on Reincarnation and Karma  at Rosewoods Meher Rest, the Portland home of Miriam Rose and Ron Lansing. This workshop is for Baba lovers and any others who might be interested.
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Dhuni on the 12th of every month at 7:15 PM
Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Meetings in Portland, OR on the 4th Friday of every month at 7 PM
All are welcome who would like to join as we work to build open sharing, support and community in Baba! Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Meetings in Corvallis, OR every Friday morning at 9 AM
Please call ahead in case the meeting is cancelled (541) 908-2384.

Meetings in Silverton, OR Occasional meetings, locations and times vary. Call Betty Lowman (503) 873-0415.

Meetings in Seattle, WA every Sunday at 3 PM.
Locations vary. Call Judy Robertson (206) 365-8024.