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Four Day

Ward Parks

Sept. 4 - 7th

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Calendar of Events

SAVE THE DATE: Ward Parks public talk on Reincarnation at the New Renaissance Bookstore, Wed. Sept. 2nd, 7pm.
Plan to bring your curious friends! $10 to share with the store and 1/2 to Meher Free Dispensary.

SAVE THE DATE: Ward Parks will be leading a Discourses Workshop over Labor Day Weekend, September 4-7th, at the home of Marnie and Doug Frank in Portland. [More Info]

Arti Meetings on the last Sunday of every month at 2:00pm
All are welcome for Arti prayers, talks and readings on the Divine Theme.
Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Dhuni Fire Gatherings on the 12th day of every month at 7:00pm
Come to share with us around the dhuni fire with music and conversation.
Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Meetings in Corvallis every Friday morning at 9am
Please call ahead in case the meeting is cancelled (541) 908-2384.

Meetings in Silverton Occasional meetings, locations and times vary.
Contact Betty Lowman (503) 873-0415.

Meetings in Seattle, WA every Sunday at 3pm
Locations vary. Call Judy Robertson (206) 365-8024.